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There are not enough words to explain how I feel currently as a first-time owner of a 2022 Buick Envision vehicle (less than 2300 miles) w/ my vehicle currently in service for a reported "faulty turbo hose" that is not properly sealed and if/when fully compromised could blow the engine/turbo. While the service team in Morrow, GA were very professional - polite and attentive to hearing my concerns/report of the vehicle's issue, I still find it necessary to seek answers and document this matter with Buick given the newness of the vehicle and the short time in which I've owned/driven it.

Is there anyone experiecing the same issue? Truck engine squeaking/squealing/rattling when manually turning the ignition off. Issue literally started right at 30 days of me having the vehicle. Currently, in the shop for repair. This has compromised my trust in Buick - only pray they fix it correctly, and I have no more issues so that I can fully enjoy my brand new vehicle.
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