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Congrats on the huge savings on a 2016 Prem ll like ours. The 2017 got capless fuel filling and Android Auto/Apple Carplay which I wasn't going to pay extra to get as ours only had 3,000 miles on it.

Thr Envision 2.0T with AWD is rated at 26 mpg highway but at 65 mph I've been able to see 32 mpg empty or 30 mpg fully loaded. I've used top tier gasoline in both 92 octane and 87 octane and see no difference in highway fuel economy. It is a little faster on the higher octane. You could double check tire pressures especially now that it has been cold the pressures drop along with gas mileage in colder weather. Once it consistently gets above 50°F or so your fuel economy will return. But at 4,000 lbs it is a little heavy but the 30 mpg and 2.0T with a 6-speed transmission is right on par.

Yours, like mine, we're program cars. Whether they were used at Buick driving events or by a GM executive to 6,000 miles where employees can get a discount to purchase is what I probably purchased too.

We have a most 14,000 miles now has been a joy to own and drive.
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