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Checking in from East Lansing Michigan here.

Recently traded in our 2010 Enclave for a 2017 Envision Premium 1. We just didn't need three rows anymore. The Envision had 9900 miles on it when we purchased it, certified, so we have a bumper-to-bumper warranty until September, 2022 and powertrain until September 2023......late in-service date (September 2017). I tried to post a photo but my post count is too low.

It was a GM exec vehicle, never registered or leased to any individual before us. I'm guessing it was used as a loaner vehicle for GM execs when they came into town. This is my wife's vehicle and so far we're liking it very much.

The only modifications I have done so far are a 3M clear bra, front side window tinting. I also obtained a console tray on eBay, from China, and it actually arrived and fits well. I also ordered the auto stop bypass module, which should arrive Thursday this week. That's actually how I came across this forum, searching for information on how to bypass the auto stop. My wife doesn't mind the feature but I can't stand it.

Even though I am new to this forum, I am not a newbie to car forums and have been a moderator and administrator on several, including Lincoln and Impala forums. I have owned the Lincoln since 2011 and it's my baby.
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The 2.0T in the Envision is a hoot and very athletic in moving through traffic.
I am truly impressed by how peppy it is, the torque, and the pretty darn good gas mileage that accompanies all that. Our Enclave was a gas hog in comparison, and that one was only FWD. I also know that General Motors left a fair amount on the table with the 2.0 Turbo. If it were my daily driver I would probably be looking into some tuning. However, my wife is not interested in making it quicker, as it already feels quite strong compared to our Enclave..... I was able to convince her to let me do the tint, clear bra, and auto stop bypass...... after 27 years of marriage, I know when to step away!
Cool! The 2019 2.0T goes to 295 lb-ft of torque, up from previous years of 260 lb-ft. With HPTuners I see 340-350 lb-ft of torque and it drives like normal when you're not in it. Otherwise it handles the extra torque with ease.
Alright Norm, I'm going to blame you...... Now you've given me the tuning bug and I'm going to have to search on here to get some information on the options out there. :) At one point I knew what options were available for the Buick Regal turbo, but that was a few years ago.

Apparently, I've been deemed suitable to post pictures now. :)
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My baby......
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My son uses one when he's home from college, and I use it when I don't want to get my car dirty........ or I need to park someplace undesirable. It just turned 30,000 miles on it and it's been a rock solid car...... even though it's an LTZ with leather and NAV, it's pretty utilitarian comparatively. It does have the 300 hp 3.6 L V6, so it does also get out of its own way when it needs to. But, there's no forgetting it's the old body style Impala.
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I thought the model years below 2019 said BUICK on the left side of the hatch, our 2018 does, perhaps I read wrong?
I thought the model years below 2019 said BUICK on the left side of the hatch, our 2018 does, perhaps I read wrong?
You are correct. Thought it looked too cluttered so I removed the Buick lettering on the left. I'm very much into debadging. I like the cleaner smoother look . I left the Envision badging on the right because a lot of people actually don't know what the model is...... . Not too many Envisions around where I am. And, I like the turbo "T" badge . If you look at the Impala and the Lincoln, you'll start to see a trend of debadging. LOL On the Impala trunk lid I removed the Impala lettering on the left side, LTZ lettering, and a flex-fuel badge on the right (way overcluttered) and then I color matched the bow tie to the car instead of the ugly gold Chevrolet bow tie.....on the Lincoln, I removed the Lincoln lettering, MKS lettering, and the EcoBoost badge from the rear deck.

Good catch on your part!
Before debadged......

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It's not like someone isn't going to know what the make is, with that big Buick logo front and center. Same thing with the Lincoln and Impala. The only thing someone might not know is the model or trim level. I just think it's overkill and that less clutter is better.

In fact, I used to drive full-size General Motors SUVs for a lot of years (Tahoe/Escalade) and I removed even more off of those vehicles. I went as far as removing side moldings on the Tahoe, again just because I thought he gave it a cleaner look.....and the running boards, not like the side molding was really going to be protecting the vehicle if someone open the door into it.. :)

Admittedly, I may have gone too far removing stuff and then tacking stuff on with this 2001 Tahoe LT Autoride. In hindsight, it just looks odd and tacky to me. Live and learn.

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Former Lansing resident here and currently living in Grand Rapids (since '99).

Like you, I found an "executive" 2017 Envision (Essence) but mine only had around 900 miles on it when I test drove it. The thing was immaculate! I knew from the moment I got on the highway during the test drive that I was going to buy it. After three months and almost 8000 miles later and I've been very happy with it.
JT: GO WHITE! My son is starting his Sophomore year at MSU. Graduated EastLansing. We live in EL about 1.5 miles from campus. We love GR. I can't count the number of times I have said Lansing can be a Grand Rapids. When was the last time you were out this way? It's much more Grand Rapids like than it was in 99..... my office is in downtown Lansing on Capital Avenue a few blocks down from the Capitol. Every year our downtown gets more and more inviting and attractive. I'm actually going to be out your way in September accompany my father-in-law to a specialist appointment in Grand Rapids.
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