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New owner

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Just bought an Envision Premium 2 yesterday. Beautiful car! We live in the Hill Country north of San Antonio, TX.

Looking forward to learning from experienced owners.
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Hi Best of luck! We have a 2018 Premium I purchased in May of '18. It currently has 23,850 miles on it and we could not be happier with the car. It is a great all-around car that in our opinion does everything well. Although there is no standout in performance, it's not a race car 0-60 in 3 seconds or can go around a corner at 60 it does everything balanced, good acceleration, economy, excellent ride, quiet, tracks well and feels very safe on the road, roomy enough and very comfortable on long trips. Additionally, the fit and finish is far better than anything we have owned including the '14 Equinox LTZ we traded in on it. I attribute some of the negative comments on the web to the fact it is manufactured in China and all the China-bashing going on these past few years. However, I clearly remember the same in the 60's and 70's about Toyota's and Datsun's and anything Japanese, so I discount the lot of it. In any event I hope your experience is even better than ours and you too are very happy with the Buick purchase.
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