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new suv

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Hi,my.user name is golden01,I just registered for the forum,I am very much interested in the 2017 Envision(premium 2).It looks like a very nice suv.(I hope the build is just as good)I think the price is fair,,especially with all the features that it has.I will be selling my 2014 Buick Lacrosse,Can't wait till these units hit the showroom.
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Welcome to the club!

Are you looking at any other SUV's at the moment from other brand or just have you mind set on going Buick? Some people interested in the Envision are also considering the Infiniti QX60.
new car.

I am planning to purchase a new SUV in October.I am also looking at the Cadillac ST5, Theese two suv's have pretty much all the features that I want.Thanks for responding.golden01
XT5 is nice, from what i've seen about it online. Did you contact a local Cadillac dealer to setup a test drive appointment?
New to Forum. Drove a '16 Envision Premium II while in Phoenix this last Saturday. It was Bronze Alloy with Light Neutral. Previously owned a '15 loaded 2.3 AWD Lincoln MKC. Had some issues especially the joint Ford/Lincoln dealership. My first new Buick was a '71 Skylark GS 455 Stage I. The test drive truly impressed me. Excellent in all respects. Build quality as well. Found no fault...except maybe the driver seat "thigh" extender (only on the Premium II) is a little difficult to open when seated in the driver's seat. Good, smooth acceleration. Didn't notice the stop/start activation so that was impressive. Steering, handling and braking excellent. Good balance between a sport and comfort ride...seemed perfect. Was not equipped with ACC/surround camera. Not certain if there are any '16s out there with that option.
I like that you owned a Buick from an era when it was a really exciting brand, much more than it is now. I come from an era just after that, when they had the Grand National. I had a GN for a few years, loved it, then my situation changed to needing something more practical.
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