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Oil Fiter

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Could anyone tell me where the oil filter is located? The free oil changes are over and I like to do them myself but for the life of me I don't see the oil filter anywhere. I looked everywhere for a schematic of the engine buts there's nothing. I'm sure someone on here has the answer.
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Same filter for both engines and it is a spin on sreel canister located on the underside of the engine. You can access it by crawling underneath.
Thanks for replying. Standing in front of the car, is it on the tranny side(right) or the other side?
More left of center next to the oil pan, depending on engine. If you kneel on the ground and look underneath you can see the blue or black filter casing.
Thanks, I see it now. I don't know how I missed that thing. It's right in the front, center. I was assuming it would either be towards the back, like others, or on the top somewhere, like my old Terrain was.
Thanks again!
I'd make sure you can loosen it before draining the oil as sometimes they are put on very tight.
I'll do that, thank you!
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