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'P" button on the dash ?

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I've just bought a Buick Envision 2017 Essence and I'm learning the buttons (and boy are there a lot of buttons and knobs), but there's one I haven't found clearly in the book... It's on the dashboard just right of center. Has a big 'P' on it with a sort of cone shape beside it. I know it's not the parking brake - found that adjacent to the shifter. Thinking it might be Parking Assist or Lane Keep Assist? Thank you for your assistance.
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That's the parking assist on/off button, not to be mistaken for the auto park button.
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The only reason to turn that button off I have found (in other vehicles) , is if you are ever backing up with a towl vehicle attached, or sometimes snow gets crammed in the sensors, and the system will beep annoyingly until the snow is cleared out.

Aside from those 2 instances, or a malfunction with the sensors, I would leave it on all the time..... I'm not sure why that button got such an up front and center spot on the Envision dashboard - for button it doesn't get used, in reality, very much.
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