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Paint on 2022 Avenir Envision Scratches way too easy!

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Anyone else experiencing small scratches all over hood and lift gate? Dealer said Buick switched to a different paint and many customers are complaining that ice and snow and small rocks are easily scratching the paint? the solution seems to be installing full wrap protection like 3M. Not happy with this on vehicle less than a year old.
Previous 2016 buick Verano never showed these kind of scratches!
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Same problem here too. Scratches easy. Worked a lot of them out. Paint does not take washing and detailing well without scratches. Wondered if during shipping from China with the protective wrap caused a lot of swirls in my wife`s Avenir. I had Expel installed on the front, windshield pillars and front of roof before the sunroof. Fragile paint to be sure!
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