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So in less than 2 years of having our 2016 PII we've had two major breakdowns. First was the rear A/C Evap issue that took 5 weeks to get parts in the dead of summer and the second was an accident that damaged the left sift rear. Our car has been at the dealers body shop for 11 weeks now waiting for a small weldment that will allow them to put the car back together. It seems that the parts availability for this car is terrible. not sure if it is because it's made in china or what but it's completely unacceptable. I've owned GM cars for my entire life, we really like the envision and my silverado is great but the back orders are making it impossible to want to keep the Envision. GM customer service had been completely useless and basically told us tough luck, we hope to have the part soon. At least we have a loaner from the dealer, even though it's a barebones acadia.

Anyone else having parts issues with this model? The dealership has mentioned that it's not just us.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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