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popping/banging from rear

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My wife's 2018 Envision has a sound coming from the rear of the vehicle that I've just not been able to identify. It is a popping/banging noise coming from the rear, almost like a subtle backfire that only happens at highway speeds - no road bumps or hills...just straight on driving and is pretty random. I've checked the spare tire compartment and visually inspected the underside. During the last oil change, they took a look for anything loose on the underside.

You can hear it from the front driver and passenger side, but if you sit in the back it is more apparent and starting to get annoying.

Anyone else have this?

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License plate bracket or cover?
good call - will check that one when I get home!
I never reported this as it was a stupid dealer mistake - it was the license plate bracket on the back when I bought the car last April. They just did not tighten it enough. Hope it is the same thing for you.
Lol! Had similar happen and thought something was falling off or hanging from the car. License plat cover only had two screws in it!
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I get a "thud" when turning left. It turned out to be the front passenger seatbelt bickel hitting the "B" pillar. I fastened it into the latch, and no more noise. Maybe this is what you hear?
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