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Real mileage

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I live in Quebec and I am thinking of buying an Envision. I would like to know what mileage you really get out of it, especially in Canada or Northern USA. Expressed ether in MPG or l/100km.

I used to drive a GLK 350 2010 and got an average 12,2 l/100km over 213000km I found it too much for the good of our planet. Also, the GLK required premium fuel with was too expensive.

Thanks for your testimonies.
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We get 25 mpg in Arizona. Note that premium is recommended for the 2.0L engine .
Live in the Dallas area. Took a 2,200 mile trip to Colorado when our 2016 Envision 2.0 AWD was one month old last September, got 26 mpg including 75 mph Interstate and mountain driving. Around our home area, usually 21-23. All city driving 18-19. We only have used regular (87 octane). No lack of performance!
Thanks but

The dealer here told me I could use regular fuel. Premium is only recommended. It may be different here because of the law.

As to the mileage, it seems ok to me. I a really looking to drive daily to commute, part city, part highway. So an average around 23 or 24 MPG would satisfy me.

Again though if someone from a northern area coud answer, that would be helpful.

^ I answered in the other thread. I don't think we generally get as good of milage north of the boarder (compared to the many U.S. vehicles I rent). Premium should give better milage but whether the extra cost makes it worth while I don't know yet.

Will be tracking for the next few months measuring with a ODBLink MX and the Dash.dy app and will see how it goes. You can PM me if you want to discuss further at that time @stephane.
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