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Rear Dome lights won't turn off....

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About a month ago my 2021 Avenir starting have a weird problem with the rear dome lights. After sitting for several hours when I go to start the car the rear dome lights don't turn off. The front dome light turns off after a few seconds. The lights stay on and I have to turn them off manually. When I stop the car and open the door, the lights come on and go off as they should. The lights work as they should for the rest of the day.

Then the cycle repeats itself the next day---after the car has been sitting for 8-12 hours.

Getting into a dealer to have this checked is difficult due to staffing shortages, etc.. I now have an appointment for mid-October and have been told to plan on leaving the car for a "few days" so they can diagnose the issue.

Has anyone else had this issue or have any suggestions. It's a pain to have to turn off the lights manually.

Any advice appreciated.
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I ha e the same issue. Only the passenger side dome goes on and I have to shut it manually. Did you get it resolved?
Hello All!

I have not had this issue so far, but I looked into it.

I looked at the wiring diagrams I have for the Equinox (which the wiring is similar to the Envision). The wiring drawing below is a simple diagram I made of how the dome LEDs in our cars may look. (The drawings I have are from GM and I did not want any intellectual property issues so I did not post them).

Each individual LED dome light has 3 wires. One goes to the Body Control Module (BCM), one goes to +12 volts from the fuse box. The other wire is the ground.

Based on the description of the problem, I would do these quick troubleshooting steps - if you have not already.

• Sit in the car, all doors closed; wait until all dome lights go off.

• Make sure car alarm is Off, turn on/off each individual dome light. Check the Visor lights, and Hatch area dome lights. Play with the switch(es) to see if they are loose or broken.

• If the switch(es) seem OK, the +12 volts & wiring from the Fuse is OK.

• Make sure all dome lights are off.

• Lock and unlock the car. If the dome lights go on and off OK, the BCM part of the "wiring" to the Dome Lights is OK.

Font Parallel Rectangle Diagram

I would do these following steps because I am a nut, but I would NOT recommend anyone else do these steps.


To reboot/reset BCM

• Turn Off Car. Make sure all dome lights are off, alarm is off.

• Open Hood.

• Remove +12v Battery Terminal. Have Towel handy, do not short +12v battery terminal to ground! Especially if using a Metal 10mm Wrench.

• Wait 10 minutes.

• Have Key Fob and ear plugs Handy.

• When you reconnect +12V Terminal, the Horn Goes off and your face is right there! Turn off Alarm.

• Start the car. Admire all of the colorful warning lights on the dash!

• Make sure the engine is running smoothly.

• Go for a short drive to let the warning lights calm down and go out by themselves.

• Go home, park and lock the car.

• Make sure the dome lights go off.

• See what happens. If they come on again, the service dept. has a computer that can check the ODB port and look for error codes that may trick the BCM to thinking a door is opened. What bothers me about this is there was no mention of the alarm going off.

My wife was sitting in the car once (the car locked itself), and she unlocked the door. The alarm went off, so it may sense voltage changes - but maybe not small ones.

I would do these steps because I am a nut, but I would NOT recommend anyone else do these steps.


Something else I just thought about was the dome lamp (courtesy lamp) controls in the overhead console mentioned on p. 123 of our instruction book. This probably does not have an impact on individual courtesy lamp flakiness, but something to consider in troubleshooting.

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