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About a month ago my 2021 Avenir starting have a weird problem with the rear dome lights. After sitting for several hours when I go to start the car the rear dome lights don't turn off. The front dome light turns off after a few seconds. The lights stay on and I have to turn them off manually. When I stop the car and open the door, the lights come on and go off as they should. The lights work as they should for the rest of the day.

Then the cycle repeats itself the next day---after the car has been sitting for 8-12 hours.

Getting into a dealer to have this checked is difficult due to staffing shortages, etc.. I now have an appointment for mid-October and have been told to plan on leaving the car for a "few days" so they can diagnose the issue.

Has anyone else had this issue or have any suggestions. It's a pain to have to turn off the lights manually.

Any advice appreciated.
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