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Service Park Assist

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I just purchased a 2019 Buick Envision which now has 140 miles on it. We absolutely love the it, but have been having an issue that occurres intermittently. The light on park assist button, that is beside the infotainment center won’t turn on when the button is pushed, and when I put the car in reverse a message on the DIC reads “service park assist” comes on. Sometimes it works and sometimes I get the above issues.

Just seeing if anyone else has or has had this issue.

Thanks in advance!
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Make sure the front Buick tri-shield emblem is not obstructed. Along with the parking sensors in the bumper.
I did not see any obvious obstruction.
Could there be a short in the sensor, or is this not usually an issue?
The dealer just called and said it needs a new sensor.
We have the same thing happen with our 2017. We recently figured out, on our own since the dealer had no idea, that this happens every time we are travelling when it’s raining and the roads are wet. The sensors must be getting wet which then causes a three beep alarm and eventuality a message showing to service park assist. Dealer had no idea and of course because the message does not stay on, their code reader could not tell them anything.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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