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I have a Premium II with the moonroof, and I don't notice "wind noise around the doors", like some apparently do. However, going over bumps is noisy. I hear tire noise, which is probably unavoidable, and what sounds like something loose in the back compartment, although I have looked under the hatch cover and don't seem to see anything that is loose. Test drive didn't reveal these problems. Demo was quiet riding, but I guess I will have to dig deeper into spare tire mount, jack, etc. to see if I can find source of the noise when going over a bump.
On a previous thread I described a noise that developed on my 2016 Premium II at about 10,000 miles. It sounded like things in the back were loose, but I could not find anything. Happened most of the time while driving on a variety of roads. Left it with my dealer, and they test drove it, and amazingly it was found. The fix was removing the entire left rear seat and adding some type of insulation between the lower seat metal frame and the floor to which it is attached. No noise since after several thousand miles.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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