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Those gear shift paddles on the steering columns-disable?

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I am occasionally hitting the gear shift paddles behind the steering wheel accidentally. when I do, the Envision changes from automatic to manual transmission. This is inconvenient, and today almost caused me trouble in heavy traffic. I was in gear 2 trying to go 40 mph. The loud whine the engine made was my clue. This is a 2021 Envision.
Can these paddles be permanently disabled? The paddles on my wife's Enclave do different things and do not cause a problem for me.
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Manual shift mode cannot be permanently disabled. In the situation you outlined, why didn't you just hit the paddle shifter to upshift to the next gear?
Well, the shift change caught me by surprise, and it took a few moments to figure out why the engine was acting weird. I eventually figured it out. But in MY OPINION, this is terrible design, especially for Buick owners who would not normally go about shifting gears. I mean, it's an AUTOMATIC shift, idnit? And so the volume controls for the radio are hidden cleverly behind the steering wheel, where you have to feel around and press them to change the volume. Do you get my drift? Easy to accidentally change gears, hard to intentionally change volume. OK, my rant is over. This cannot be disabled. If it weren't for resale value, I'd saw these &^%^$ paddles right off.
I don't know. I have had my 2021 Envision for about a year now. Never happened to me. You are talking about the levers that stick up a bit on the left correct? I have never accidentally hit them. The buttons a little lower are for advancing to the next track on a usb or the next radio station etc. I would think now that you know it should be no problem to learn yourself not to touch them.
Thanks for your comment. I have long fingers. LOL.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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