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Those gear shift paddles on the steering columns-disable?

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I am occasionally hitting the gear shift paddles behind the steering wheel accidentally. when I do, the Envision changes from automatic to manual transmission. This is inconvenient, and today almost caused me trouble in heavy traffic. I was in gear 2 trying to go 40 mph. The loud whine the engine made was my clue. This is a 2021 Envision.
Can these paddles be permanently disabled? The paddles on my wife's Enclave do different things and do not cause a problem for me.
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So what do you do if you are in traffic and accidentally tap/bump/hit those paddles? Can you lift the "D" drive button on the console (it's above the "M" button) or would that be the wrong thing to do in transit? I've never had a car like this with a "manual" option. Seems like a design flaw to put them in an AWD vehicle to begin with!
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