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Towing to the Extreme - Travel Trailer

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It is dangerous, It can cause premature wear to the car and mechanical systems. Improper balance, no brake controllers, and improper sway control can result in rapid and unexpected disaster, resulting in major damage, and potential injury of people.

Do not do what I'm doing.

And now that I've said that; I'm going to ignore it

2019 Buick Envision, Essence. 2.4L 4cyl N/A Front-Wheel-Drive. (No Turbo)

We all know the Envision has a rated towing capacity of 1,500lbs.
Trailer; 2023 Rove Lite. Expected weight when loaded is 2,100 lbs
Wheel Sky Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

So, Yeah. Get your hate out now. "Buy a truck", "Get an Enclave"...

This is me recognizing and accepting the mechanical risks, and mitigating risk of accident via installation of active (differential braking) stability and sway tech + brake controllers.

First and foremost: so I can enjoy the camper, and car to it's fullest, and secondly to push this car and its architecture to the limit - for future people can see what I do, and elect not to do it unless they understand the caution needed.

Results of driving 5 hours on the freeway on reasonably flat land.

Opinion: "Tows ok. It's no truck. Sway controller is definitely a requirement, as my electronic sway preventer would turn on when I'm passed by semi-trucks. The Curt Echo brake controller (inertial, wireless) coupled with the Envisions oversized brakes does a great job bringing the speed down from highway to exit ramp speed. Tow mirrors are needed"

Max Speed: 68mph for passing.
Cruise Speed: 65mph
Auto Stop-Start: [Off]

Economy: 14.2 mpg @ 65mph averaged.
Engine Coolant Temp max 199 F, never broke 200 while driving.

Transmission in Drive (no manual downshift, the car does a great job of picking 5th gear while towing on it's own).


Receiver: Draw-Tite from E-trailer
Hitch: 8" Rise, 5000lbs capacity.
Factory Relays for enabling 4-pin connector.
4-pin to 7-pin adapter.
30amp fused positive line to trailer.
Brake Controller: Curt Echo, settings= 40 power / 7 sensitivity
Stability/Sway Controller: Tuson Sway Controller (Differential Trailer Brake Sway Preventer)
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