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Towing with the FWD 2.5L Envision: Superb Towing with small payload...

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My Saga continues: Now i've got my whole towing setup up-and-running.

1 Aliner Alite 400 w/gear: 500lbs
1 Hobie Bravo Mono-cat sailboat 12' w/ Dolly: 300lbs
Tongue weight is 60lbs.

With the camper and the boat together, I can feel the weight, but the camper alone it's basically not back there.

With the pop-up camper alone: MPG drops from 30 avg to 28.
With the pop-up and boat: MPG drops from 30 avg to 25

All-in-all (besides the really low tow rating) i've found the Buick Envision to be a competent tow vehicle for it's intended rated weight.

I've got the FWD 2.5 non-turbo: being the lowest combination; this engine and drive combination and more than adequate for towing around town.

I'd recommend towing Pop-up campers and other small utility trailers.

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The adventures of the WORKHORSE Buick Envision continue:

6hrs. 55-65mph. Avg 19.9mpg.

24ft boat+trailer (rig length), 8ft wide catamaran, total trailer weight of <1,000lbs (trailer 500lbs + boat 400lbs + toolbox 70lbs)

Pulls like a charm. The Buick Envision is an excellent ride when towing within its limited capacity.

PRO: stable at speed. Transmission did a good job of holding revs at predictable gears for Towing without me needing to use manual mode. Brakes do an amazing job.

CON: 2.4L non turbo engine just doesn't have much grunt to get the trailer up to highway speed without lots of REVs.
This isn't a bad con, though, as it means the Envision is 'self-limiting' by being underpowered for Towing, while still having exceptional brake power.

My next test, come spring? Taking my trailer to the Boat Launch, and seeing if I end up with one boat, or two 'boats' in the water. (the second boat being my Envision)...


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