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Winter tires and wheels

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l created this post due to all the snow parts of Canada and the USA have received. I’m using 235-60-18 Michelin X-Ice Snow tires with Fast Wheels Switch 18x8 wheels in grey. Our bolt pattern is 5x120 and the hub size is 67.1. The Fast Wheels come with a 67.1 bore so hub centric rings are not needed for this wheel. I’m happy with the performance of the Michelins. What’s your combo?


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Since I’m about to take them off and just saw this post, figured I’d share my setup for winter.

Note: For me, I was trying to minimize the cost while still getting back to Bridgestone Blizzak’s.

In 2005, I bought my first set of snow tires (mainly out of necessity) and absolutely LOVED them. It was a night and day difference. For my my next two cars though, I ended up trying Continental and Michelin snow tires. They weren’t terrible, but to me, they never matched the performance I expected from a true snow tire.

So, this is where I’m at now with my Envision:

Wheels: Rial X10, 17 x 7.5 Metal Gray
Tires: 225/65R-17 Bridgestone Blizzak WS90
I also had the TPMS sensors installed to make the wheel/tire swap as seamless as possible (no warning lights on my dashboard, please and thank you… haha)

They performed well this winter, though it was really mild here in Southeastern Míchigan this year. We only had one or two good snow storms, but they managed the roads like a champs. One thing I did note, was a drastic improvement in driving dynamics and road noise from the WS60 Blizzak’s I bought almost 20 years ago. It was really nice to feel (and hear) the design improvements.

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